Партнёрская программа

We invite you to mutually beneficial bilateral cooperation:

  • Companies providing services related to IT.
    For example, refilling cartridges.
  • IT professionals for whom system administration is a non-core activity.
    For example, 1C programmers who combine the duties of system administrators

We can offer you several options for interaction:

  1. Interaction only with you, without direct contacts with your customer.
    Settlements are made between yours and our legal entities.
  2. Full delegation, non-core for you, tasks and questions of your Customer directly to us.
    Settlements are made directly between the legal entities of your Customer and ours. The agency fee is paid to you immediately after receiving payment from the Customer.
  3. Execution of non-core tasks for you, tasks and questions of your Customer in the subcontracting mode.
    We interact directly with your customer on your behalf.
    Settlements are made between you and us (you re-exhibit the work to the Customer from your legal entity).

From our side, we, similarly, promote your services to our Customers according to one of the interaction option