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GitLab CI/CD. Review Apps. .gitlab-ci.yml example with LXC containers deployment

Just an exmaple of the .gitlab-ci.yml for CI/CD with branches deployment on the server with LXC containers.

We set GIT_STRATEGY = none, because we do not need GitLab Runner to pull the code from git, because, we have all magick in the python script (lxc_py.py). It do all the staff — create a new container, pull the code from git inside the container, start build inside the container and others.

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Автор:Дмитрий Алтухов

netplan , systemd-networkd. Critical DHCP client, not release the IP. With Cloud-Init

Some of an ISP’s DHCP server is for some reason flaky.
Which causes 1..5-minute pauses in Internet availability.


To fix this we need to:

network: version: 2 ethernets: ens2: dhcp4: true critical: true
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Автор:Дмитрий Алтухов

Migrate from ifupdown to netplan. On-line without reboot. Scaleway

This is useful for old VMs (with Ubuntu 18.04) on Scaleway.
Playbook for Ansible will be created later.

apt install netplan.io libnet-cidr-perl iputils-ping -y systemctl unmask systemd-networkd.service systemctl enable systemd-networkd.service ENABLE_TEST_COMMANDS=1 netplan migrate cloud-init init cat /etc/netplan/50-cloud-init.yaml rm /etc/netplan/10-ifupdown.yaml netplan apply networkctl status ens2 systemctl stop networking.service killall dhclient apt purge ifupdown resolvconf -y
Автор:Дмитрий Алтухов

Python. Export to Graphite (carbon) simultaneous connections (and other).

We have a small task: export number of a simultaneous connections to Graphite (carbon) and visualize it in the Grafana

We used https://github.com/benhoyt/graphyte and simple Python script to export to Graphite (Carbon-cache)

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Автор:Дмитрий Алтухов

Kibana + ElasticSearch + Zabbix = project health

Monitoring a WEB project using Zabbix and Kibana (+ ElasticSearch) allows you to instantly respond to emergency situations.

A sharp spike in load in Zabbix is ​​checked in Kibane not a subject of a possible error in the code.

If there are no errors, then visitors to the site and the server have come to provide a comfortable surfing.

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Автор:Дмитрий Алтухов

Коробка Битрикс24. Некорректно работают почтовые уведомления.


На портал были установлены обновления, после чего почтовые уведомления типа TASKS_TASK_COMMENT_ADD_EMAIL выполняются через раз, но не отправленные ломают все остальные типы почтовых уведомлений

Есть задача, в ней участвует почтовый пользователь, оставляется комментарий и этот комментарий стопорит отправку всех остальных сообщений из b_event, если вручную запустить крон, то в консоль он сыпет вот такое в больших количествах
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Автор:Дмитрий Алтухов

Temperature&humidity sensor (High Accuracy&Mini) v1.0 fixed Python script

After studying the messages on the forums, for example, Temperature&humidity sensor (High Accuracy&Mini) v1.0 Bad readings and a long «googling» I corrected the Python script/home/pi/Dexter/GrovePi/Software/Python/grove_i2c_temp_hum_sensor_mini/grove_i2c_temp_hum_mini.py

The problem was incorrect / erroneous output values from the TH02 temperature and humidity sensor in the Raspbery Pi

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Автор:Дмитрий Алтухов

Why in Raspberry 3 Model B (with Wi-Fi chip BCM43438) Wi-Fi speed does not rise above 54 Mb / s

Why in Raspberry 3 Model B (with Wi-Fi chip BCM43438) Wi-Fi speed does not rise above 54 Mb/s (connects only in G-mode) and does not switch to N-mode with HT20 (speeds above 54 Mb/S) )?

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Автор:Дмитрий Алтухов

Oracle 11g RMAN daily full backup script from best practices

We publish the RMAN config that is optimal for the Oracle database with or without standby servers.
During the creation process, the best practices and documentation were studied.
This article does not cover creating / using incremental backups. Full + archivelogs only.

Challenge: optimal and universal Oracle RMAN config for databases with or without standby servers.
With the storage of 1-2 backups (before the next backup, 1 of the two oldest is deleted).
The backup should keep the archivelog accumulated from the previous backup run.
archivelog should not be deleted unless applied to at least one standby server.
RMAN read speed is limited to 50MB / s to reduce the load on the database disk system.

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Автор:Дмитрий Алтухов

Проблемы с RAID? Меняем блок питания сервера!

Очень важно постоянно мониторить состояние RAID-массива и своевременно реагировать на ошибки!
Такая услуга включена в договор ИТ-аутсорсинга.

В работе RAID-массивов возможны ошибки дисковой системы.
Не всегда ошибки связаны именно с проблемами дисков или контроллера.

Ниже пример проблемы с RAID-массивом, которую решили заменой блока питания на сервере.
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