Python. Export to Graphite (carbon) simultaneous connections (and other).

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Python. Export to Graphite (carbon) simultaneous connections (and other).

We have a small task: export number of a simultaneous connections to Graphite (carbon) and visualize it in the Grafana

We used and simple Python script to export to Graphite (Carbon-cache)

import graphyte import time import logging import subprocess try: graphyte.init('', prefix='metric.prefix', port=2003, interval=10) except Exception as e: logging.error(str(e)) raise SystemExit try: while True: command_value = subprocess.check_output("netstat -n | grep -e '11.169' -e '165.172' | grep -v -e '' | grep -e 'ESTABLISHED' | wc -l", shell=True) command_int = int(command_value.decode()) graphyte.send('metricname', command_int) #print(command_int) time.sleep(1) except (KeyboardInterrupt, SystemExit): print(' - Ctrl-C pressed')
Code language: Python (python)
netstat -n | grep -e '11.169' -e '165.172' | grep -v -e '' | grep -e 'ESTABLISHED' | wc -l
Code language: Bash (bash)

This command returns number of the current ESTABLISHED simultaneous connections to the IPs starting from ‘11.169’ and ‘165.172’ (like «mask») and exept IP ‘’

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